New Anaerobic Digestion News Blog!

Steve Last Anaerobic Digestion blogger

Steve Last Anaerobic Digestion blogger


Welcome to our Biogas Calculator website.

This site is all about our biogas calculator and we hope you will find it useful.

Meanwhile, I thought that you might like to know about our new Anaerobic Digestion Blog.

With what is no doubt edging up toward the 10,000 mark for the number of biogas plants (Anaerobic digestions plants developed) primarily to produce biofuels of some sort, it was time to provide a blog site which will provide for the increasing amount of biogas news, as anaerobic digestion grows in popularity.

For the blog posts which we will be making I will do my utmost to attribute credit for other people’s content which is included as extracts, and use parenthesis and quotation formatting with invitations to my readers to visit the web pages of the quoted content.

That’s it for now. I hope you will enjoy this  new blog and do feel free to subscribe – it’s free and always will be!

You can visit our new blog at .